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The Offenders - "Live at C.B.G.B.'s 1985" 2xCD or LP
The Offenders - Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $11.98
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CD and LP (total price $23.98)
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LP version limited 1000 copies on translucent green vinyl for BLACK FRIDAY 2015.ONLY AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

BEER CITY SKATEBOARDS AND RECORDS is proud to release, for the first time ever, the legendary never-before-heard, infamous OFFENDERS, Live at C.B.G.B.ís 1985. If you like hardcore and thrash this is a must! Texas produced some of the best punk/hardcore/thrash in the world and THE OFFENDERS are no exception! This recording captures THE OFFENDERS on their ĎEndless Tourí of 1985 at the legendary C.B.G.B.ís during the golden period of hardcore.

Fierce raw vocals, relentless guitar solos, angry masterful bass and fast powerful drums all put together equals one fast aggressive hardcore/punk/thrash band know as the OFFENDERS. They canít be rivaled!

If you buy the vinyl version not only do you get 11 classic ass kicking tracks , but they have been restored and remastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door Mastering. All this equals a record that will knock you off your feet time after time. For Black Friday this record is limited to 1000 copies on translucent green vinyl.

If you buy the 2xCD version things are only getting started cause also included is a classic OFFENDERS set from 1982. As well as their reunion show from 2002 (featuring all original members). Thatís 34 classic ass kicking tracks that have all been restored and remastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door Mastering. Also included is a booklet filled with lyrics, pictures, flyers and liner notes by Pat Doyle (OFFENDERS drummer). All this equals a solid release that will knock you off your feet time after time!

'Live At C.B.G.B.ís 1985' set
1.You Got a Right /Face Down in the Dirt
2.Fight Back
3.We Must Rebel
4.Get Mad
5.Coming Down
6.Endless Struggle
7.Keep Me Hangin On
8.When Push Comes to Shove
9.I Hate Myself

'Austin 08_07_1982' set 2xCD only
11. Like Father Like Son
12. We Must Rebel
13. Lost Causes
14. Now I Wanna Be Your Dog
15. Just For Fun
16. Wanted by Authority

'Emosí 2002' set 2xCD only
17. You Got a Right
18.Face Down in the Dirt
19. Victory
20. On the Crooked Edge
21. Coming Down
22. Like Father Like Son
23. We Must Rebel
24. Do Or Die
25. I Hate Myself
26. Just For Fun
27. Impact
28. Fight Back
29. Get Mad
30. Trials and Tribulations
31. Endless Struggle
32. Fed Up
33. Bad Times
34. Motorhead

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