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Bronxx/Tubuloids - "International Skaterock split" LP
Bronxx/Tubuloids - "International Skaterock split" LP Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $8.00
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We bring together two bands from complete opposite ends of the globe: BRONXXX & THE TUBULOIDS - An International Skate Rock split! Both share a love of playing ÔSkate RockÉ and skateboarding. First JapanÉs BRONXXX brings you six kickass hardcore songs reminiscent of early Boston hardcore and they top it off with a BIG BOYS-inspired tune called _Slam Dance Foreverö. Next up VancouverÉs THE TUBULOIDS mix it up with a fair share of tsunami surfpunk that will have you dancing the night away.

This record is a perfect example of the diversity yet similarity that is known as the genre of ÔSkate RockÉ. So pick up this record and blast it while you session your favorite, pool, ditch, ramp or street spot _ it will have you pumped and wanting more!

'BRONXXX' tracks
1. 5MC,Old Skool Still New
2. Boston Crew
3. Poser Till Death
4. Fuck Girl Cops
5. Poser #1
6. Team Is Shit
7. Slam Dance Forever

1. Back Into Society
2. Professor Bumbles
3. Drop Into the Deep
4. Dawn Patrol
5. Part Pig
6. Hadfields Space Madness
7. Riot On the 135

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