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Welcome to our online store.
We ship anywhere in the world

Going strong since 93! This is the official mailorder for everything that is made by Beer City as well as some other skateboard accessories we sell.

(07_30_2019) Pre order - Adrenalin O.D.- "The Wacky Hi-Jinks of Adrenalin O.D. - 35 Anniversary Millennium Edition" LP

Pre order here.

“One of the finest energetic Hardcore Records period!” - Roger Miret - AGNOSTIC FRONT

“This record is absolutely essential” - Paul Manhern - ZERO BOYS

For all you vinyl aficionados this record is limited to one pressing of 1000. 100 bright pink , 800 blue and then 100 of a mystery color. The Pink and the mystery color will only be available here.

BEER CITY SKATEBOARDS AND RECORDS is proud to bring you ADRENALIN O.D. – The Wacky Hi-Jinks of - 35 Anniversary Millennium edition LP! It’s hard to believe that this classic came out 35 years ago, isn’t it?! Now were happy to bring it to you in this special anniversary edition thats limited to 1000 copies! Not only does this contain all 15 original tracks of blazing speed-punk/hardcore (and dare we say thrash) and sarcastic lyrics , but they have been restored and remastered and from THE ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES!

Don’t think the fun stops there cause this also includes the original insert and art work. Plus a full color poster with never before seen photos and liner notes by the band and other notable personalities! (Plus there are a few other surprises we are not going to mention)

Paul still may not be home , but you can at least own this piece of history. With only 1000 being pressed you better grab this up quick!

(07_30_2019) Pre order - Boris the Sprinkler- "Vespa To Venus" LP

Pre order here.

First pressing is 1000 copies - 800 black , 100 green and 100 clear. The green and clear are only available online here . So you better get your Paypal thumbs out!

"BEER CITY SKATEBOARDS AND RECORDS is proud to bring you Vespa To Venus THE FIRST NEW BORIS THE SPRINKLER ALBUM IN ALMOST TWENTY YEARS! Reuniting the classic Mega Anal lineup of the band – Paul #1, Paul #2, Ric Six, and the spastic, fantastic, and strangely elastic Rev. Nørb.

Vespa To Venus delivers sixteen daisy-fresh, newly-recorded, bouncy-ass punk tunes that'll have you tapping your head and scratching your toes to the consternation of your neighbors and other sources of oppression! Ranging from standard punk ravers (“I Tell Ya! Tonight! Tonight!”) to the sublime (“My Cock's On Drugs”) to songs embracing the fundamental stupidity of rock 'n' roll (“Bippy”), Vespa To Venus is certain to either restore or utterly destroy your faith in mankind. Maybe both!

Don’t forget to check out the reissue we did for Norb’s hardcore band back in the early 80’s ; SUBURBAN MUTILATION - The Opera Ain’t Over Till the Fat Lady Sings LP and CD.

(04_01_2019) Beer City – Spring 2019 deck line out now!

Smiley and Davey have brand new graphics and larger wheelbases! Shaggy has a new graphic and a brand new hybrid shape. Our Shovelnose/head shape now comes in sizes 8.25” all the way up to 10”. With wheelbases going up to 15.5"! All MADE IN THE USA! You can check them out and order them right here.

(02_04_2019) D.R.I. Beer Koozie’s out now! Keep your beer icey cold with these D.R.I beer koozie's. The logo is printed on each side and they come in three colors. You can order them right here.

(12_10_2018) Beer City -Trucker / mesh caps now available! Beer City -Trucker / mesh caps now available! You can order them here.

(11_08_2018) D.R.I.- ’24 oz handcrafted beer stein’!

We just came out with the first ever D.R.I . beer stein. Its 24oz and handcrafted in the USA. You can get it at by clicking this link. Hurry thought cause there is only 43 of them!

(09_24_2018) Beer City Fall deck line out now!

Smiley, Shag , Marty and Davey Rogers all have pro models! The 8-ply is back to! Plus there’s two new team decks! ALL MADE IN THE USA! oClick here to buy . You can even download the catalog by clicking here .

(06_21_2018) In the Pit decks out now!

Our brand new 'In the Pit' decks are now available in several sizes and two shapes.Just click the image below to order.

(06_14_2018) Beer City skateboards - Mark 'Monk' Hubbard's pro model out now.

From Hubbard's family. "The Hubbard family wishes to donate their proceeds of the sales to the skaters of The Oglala Lakota Nation in the form of skateboards. Monk was made an honorary member of the tribe while building the Pine Ridge skatepark alongside the locals and tribe. This park will forever be one of Mark's proudest contributions. "

In addition Beer City will also be donating skateboards to the tribe.

Just click the image below to order it. Graphic concept - Mark Hubbard , art - Chris Adams , production - Tim Chiappetta. RIP Hubs; you made the world a better place.

(06_19_2017) Beer City skateboards - New Graphics/shapes for summer 2017!

Just click the image below to order.

(06_09_2017) M.D.C. - S/T "East Bay Ray and Klaus Flouride Remix" LP out today!

Just click the image below to order.

(05_01_2017) Beer City spring decks now out.

Just click the image below to order.

(03_01_2017) Pre order D.R.I. -Live at the Ritz 1987 LP/CD!

Just click the image below to order and hear a teaser.

(01_06_2017) 24 years = 24% off sale - ends Tuesday at noon central time!

In celebration of Beer City turning 24 we are having a 24% off sale. There is no limit you can buy as much stuff as you want. no codes or coupons needed. Just fill your cart and when you checkout you get the 24% off everything you bought. Hurray cause the sale ends Tuesday at noon central time.

(11_28_2016) MDC/Restarts - Mobocracy LP and No Idea - Jag Hatar Punk 12" out now!

Just click the image below to order.

(10_14_2016) Tubuloids - It's Getting Weird 12" E.P. out now!

Just click the image below to order.

(08_17_2016)New graphics and Fred Smith colorways out now!Just click the image below to order.

(06_21_2016)BRONxxx - Poser Now Poser Forever LP out now!. Just click the image below to order.

(06_13_2016) Beer City -New P.G. Allin graphic plus new shape now out!. Just click the image below to order.

(06_10_2016) The new D.R.I. EP out now. Just click the image below to order.

All orders placed Monday-Friday from 10-3PM (central time)
go out that same day except on holidays.

If you have any questions or comments
hit us up via this contact form
or give us a call.


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