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Toxic Reasons - "Essential Independence" CD/DVD
Toxic Reasons - Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $19.95

Beer City Skateboards and Records is proud to announce the release of TOXIC REASONS’ Essential Independence CD/DVD: All tracks have been restored, re-mastered and sound better than ever!

Essential Independence includes the rare War Hero single (with a bonus track not included on the original), the highly sought after Ghost Town EP, and the classic Independence full-length album originally released in 1982 and quickly became a hardcore/punk classic. As if that wasn’t enough, Essential Independence also includes the very rare ‘Live Berkeley Square: December 1981’ show where TOXIC REASONS not only belted out a tight ferocious set, but also performed several songs that would end up never up being recorded again!

Besides 31 blazing tracks, Essential Independence comes with a 12-page booklet featuring liner notes from the band, rare pictures and flyers, as well as the original illustrations and lyrics from the poster that came with the Independence LP. To top things off, a DVD featuring TOXIC REASONS’ 20 year reunion show is included! So you get to not only hear, but also see and witness, the legend that is know as TOXIC REASONS!


1. Mercenary
2. Drunk and Disorderly
3. War Hero
4. Noise Boys
5. Riot Squad
6. Ghost Town
7. Killer
8. Somebody Help Me
9. How Do You Feel
10. White Noise
11. The Shape of Things To Come
12. Rally ‘Round the Flag, Boys

'War Hero'
13. War Hero
14. Somebody Help Me
15. God Bless America

'Ghost Town'
16. Ghost Town
17. Killer
18. Noise Boys

'Live ‘Berkeley Square: December 1981'
19. Mercenary
20. Can’t get Away (In the USA)
21. Noise Boys
22. White Noise
23. Time Will Tell
24. Rally Round The Flag Boys
25. War Hero
26. Color Me Dead
27. Nobody Tells Us What To Do
28. Sheltered Life
29. Drunk and Disorderly
30. See No Evil
31. God Bless America

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