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Raw Power ' The Regan Years' DVD/ 2xCD box set
Raw Power ' The Regan Years' DVD/ 2xCD box set Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $11.98

Now you can experience all the classic 80's material from this legendary Italian hardcore thrash/metal band in one collection.

Over 4 albums worth of songs remastered (63 tracks) as well as 2 live shows on DVD!

Also included is a full DVD sized lyric book with liner notes by Mauro 'singer' and co founder of 'Raw Power'

The cover of this was painted by the legendary artist Vince 'Rancid' Packard. Who drew the covers for 'Screams From the Gutter' and 'After Your Brain' back in the 80's.

CD tracks

'Screams From the Gutter' tracks
1. State Oppression
2. Joe's the Best
3. Bastard
4. A Certain Kind of Killer
5. Army
6. My Boss
7. No Card
8. Power
9. Start a Fight
10. Don't Let Me See It
11. Hate
12. Raw Power
13. Our Oppression
14. We're All Gonna Die
15. Police, Police
16. Nihilist
17. Politicians

'After Your Brain' tracks:
18. You Are Fired)
19. Dreamer
20. We Shall Overcome
21. Is There Anything You Like
22. Just Another Cry
23. What Have We Done
24. After Your Brain
25. Nothing Better to Do
26. Keep Out
27. No Place to Hide
28. What For
29. Shut Up
30. Buy and Pay

'Mine to Kill' tracks:
31. You Want More
32. Wasteland
33. Make or Break
34. What Was
35. Buried Alive
36. You are the Victim
37. Mine to Kill
38. Revenge
39. Animals Wearing Uniforms
40. The White Man's Invasion
41. Power Not Violence
42. Raw Power 12
43. Inside Me
44. Zaff

'You Are the Victim' tracks:
45. Politicians
46. Police Police
47. Corrosive Water
48. Raw Power
49. Burning Factory
50. Hate
51. State Oppression
52. Don't Let Me See It
53. You are the Victim
54. Repression
55. No Card
56. Death Seller
57. Power
58. Nihilist

'Wop Hour' 7" tracks:
59. I Do What I Like
60. You are the Victim
61. Factory

'Welcome to 1984' M.R.R. comp track:
63. Fuck Authority

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