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Suburban Mutilation-"The Opera Ain't Over.." CD and LP
Suburban Mutilation-"The Opera Ain't Over.." CD and LP Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $11.98
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CD and LP ( total price $23.96)
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Beer City Skateboards and Records is proud to present. The CD release of the Ô30th AnniversaryŐ reissue edition of the seminal early 80Ős hardcore band (that existed form 1981-1985 and was fronted by REV. NORB of ÔBORIS THE SPRINKLERŐ and ÔRazorcakeŐ fame) ÔSUBURBAN MUTILATIONŐS ÔThe Opera AinŐt Over Till the Fat Lady SingsŐ!

This was originally released in 1984 on LP only and limited to 2 runs of 500 each. The Ô30th AnniversaryŐ reissue edition not only contains the original full length. Also featured are 30 bonus tracks (LP VERSION DOES NOT CONTAIN BONUS TRACKS). Many of them never before heard! The fun doesnŐt stop there cause also included is a huge booklet filled with lyrics, art, photoŐs and show flyers. Of coarse this would not be complete with out liner notes. Which were written by ÔRev NorbŐ himself; were he tells the complete story of the band from start to finnish. If all that wasnŐt enough; we recruited Dave at ÔLucky LacquersŐ to restore and remaster all the audio, So this special anniversary edition will sound even better then the original and knock you off your feet every time you play it. So donŐt sit around and wait for Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny or your angry drunken neighbor to bring you a copy. Head down to your local record store and buy one now!

'The Opera Ain't OverÉ
1.Daddy Was A Nazi
2.Ya Buncha Morons
3.Twisted Cross
4.Plastic Chicken
5.I Reject U
6.You're A Dilemma
7.I Object
10.Police State
11.Don't Psychoanalyze Me
12.No Explanations
13.El Salvador Stomp
14.Twilight Zone
15. Regurgitate
17.Attack That Girl

'NżrbŐs DadŐs Basement, November 1982
18. I Reject U
19. Shock Shop
20. Drop Dead
21. Riot In The Streets
22. Daddy Was A Nazi
23. Menachem Begin
24. No Pulse
25. I Just Wanna Screw Around
26. Police State
27. El Salvador Stomp

'Jamie ShimonŐs DadŐs Machine Shed, Spring 1983
28. Menachem Begin
29. Plastic Chicken
30. Police State
31. I Object
32. I Reject U
33. You're A Dilemma
34. DonŐt Psychoanalyze Me
35. El Salvador Stomp
36. Twisted Cross
37. Deprogram
38. ((You Make Me Feel Like A)) Gutter Rat
39. Riot In The Streets
40. Attack That Girl
41. Z-Song
42. DonŐt Say Fuck

NżrbŐs DadŐs Garage, March 1981
43. The Twist
44. Shock Shop
45. Brains From Outer Space
46. Heartless
47. SurfinŐ Bird ((partial))

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