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Hellbastard/Dresden - "split" LP (limited color vinyl)
Hellbastard/Dresden - Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $4.95

This is the limited edition mailorder only black/blue edition. Only 100 were made.

Early “crust” pioneers HELLBASTARD (UK) and DRESDEN (US) team up for one “hell” of a split release. HELLBASTARD have been hailed as one of the originators of the “crust” punk genre. They were among the first wave of bands to mix politically charged punk with thrash metal and have been cited as a major influence to legions of bands over the years. The genre subsequently adopted its name from the bands first demo, “Ripper Crust”. This time around they are back with songs that are tighter, stronger, angrier and more pissed off than before. DRESDEN is fronted by legendary Profane Existence columnist, Bitty, and have been hailed as “modern day crust warriors”. Bands like HELLBASTARD helped pioneer the genre and it’s bands like DRESDEN that help keep alive, growing and relevant. DRESDEN has a manic tour schedule. They are out there constantly hitting the road, carrying the torch, doing it D.I.Y. and not giving a fuck what anyone has to say about it! This release captures them at their best. Heavy metallic down-tuned guitars, aggressive drumming, stellar production and songs of epic proportions that attack the status quo, shake things up and leave you full of rage. If there was ever a sound track for the revolution, this is it!

'Side 1'- Hellbastard
1. Wolf Song
2. Arcadia
3. Sons of Bitches
4. System Whore

'Side 2'- Dresden
1. Endless Discontent
2. Blood Red Sky
3. Collateral Damage
4. God Has No Mercy II
5. Closed Casket Funeral

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