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Line of Fire-Momentum CD
  Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $12.58
Itís been 5 years since LINE OF FIRE unleashed their debut album upon the unsuspecting masses. The band had planned to swiftly capitalize on the glowing success of Line Of Fire but when the sessions for Momentum began in 2006 it seemed that fate had other plans. Numerous personnel problems, sudden and life threatening health issues and other disruptive elements ran rampant throughout the LINE OF FIRE camp. Itís a miracle the band survived such tumultuous times. But itís been said that great music comes from great struggle and Momentum is the culmination of 5 years of very complicated and strenuous circumstances. Despite the negative energies circulating during its conception, Momentum emerges as a bright light beaming from that dark period to carry the band forward and thrust them back into the spotlight of the AOR scene.

To help aid in the albumís completion, the band enlisted several session musicians (Killwhitneydead, The Demonstration, Hip Pocket) in addition to adding a new guitarist. Thomas Clark (Jonin) joined vocalist Shawn Pelata and guitarist Nikki Dimage as a permanent member of LINE OF FIRE and brought with him a new spark and creative insight. The resulting material doesnít stray too far from the Melodic Rock formula for which the band is best known. Despite using digital technologies to track Momentum, the band wanted to draw influence from classic albums like Bostonís Boston and Journeyís Departure for a more raw and organic sound. A sound which producer Jamie King was easily able to deliver. Momentum is a standout Melodic Rock album through and through and should not disappoint any of the fans who have been waiting patiently for this long promised and much delayed sophomore album.


01 It Takes Time
02 Obsession
03 Give Me All
04 I'll Be The One Tonight
05 I Belong
06 The Fire Never Dies
07 I'm Crying For You
08 In The Stone
09 Undone
10 Ghost In Your Heart
11 Breaking The Chains

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