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Killwhitneydead-Not Even God Can Save You Now: A Trilogy of Terror (3XCD) - CD
  Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $20.98
By now it’s no secret that KILLWHITNEYDEAD began their career in a shroud of mystery. It too is no secret that they didn’t expect to ever release any material beyond the first EP. But with the release of that first EP the unexpected happened…KWD had actual fans besides their close friends and “people in the know.” Those amazing new fans demanded more music. So in the incredibly short process of about six months the band wrote and recorded nearly 30 more songs which would become the albums Never Good Enough For You and So Pretty So Plastic.

What is not widely known about these early years is what little finances the band had at their disposal to record these albums. With a few pennies and a helping hand from engineer/friend Jamie King, KWD were able to record those albums for basically nothing by today’s standards. Fast forward to 2008 and Jamie King (known the world over now as “the” metal engineer) asks KWD if they would like to remix the early albums because he can surely make them sound better with today’s technology. So they said, “HELL YES!” and now we present to you, KWD fans, Not Even God Can Save You Now: A Trilogy Of Terror.


Inhaling The Breath Of A Bullet (NEW VERSION – Re-recorded 2008)
01 If It Ain’t Johnny Cash It Ain’t Country
02 I Already Have Enough Friends
03 Hold Me Closer Tony Danza
04 Another Tragic Case Of The Rock Star Syndrome
05 Starring Robert Downey Jr As “The Addict”
06 It’s Like Eating A Little Piece Of Jesus (A Murderer’s Communion)
07 Is That My Blood Or Hers?
08 Mikey & The Apartment Of Misfit Porn
09 Why Smile When I Am Carrying This Gun?
10 Killwhitneydead vs The River Bottom Nightmare Band
11 My Favorite Two Shades On You Are Black & Blue
12 Inhaling The Breath Of A Bullet (Original Version – Remastered) Bonus Track

Never Good Enough For You (REMIXED & REMASTERED – 2008)
01 Where There’s Smoke
02 I Didn’t Know “I Love You” Came With A Knife In The Back
03 Duct Tape & Death Threats
04 The Fine & Subtle Art Of Deception
05 I Already Have Enough Friends (Take Two)
06 Like You Didn’t Hear Me The First Time
07 Love Is Like A Mouth Full Of Broken Glass
08 You Like Knife Play? I Love Knife Play
09 You Will Get Exactly What You Deserve (And Not One Bullet Less)
10 Forgiveness Isn’t As Much Fun As Holding A Grudge
11 Broken Hearts Don’t Hurt As Much As Broken Bones
12 Bitterness Is A Beautiful Thing
13 She Didn’t Look Like She Had A Disease
14 Who Said Alcohol & Handguns Didn’t Go Great Together?
15 It Ain’t Gonna Suck Itself
16 Revenge (My Part Time Lover)
17 Nothing Says “Party” Like Her Head On A Stick

So Pretty So Plastic (REMIXED & REMASTERED – 2008)
01 The Age Old Dilemma Of Romance vs Retribution
02 Save Your Sermons For Sunday So I Can Sleep This Night Off
03 If I Told You I Loved You Would I Get It Any Faster?
04 Murder Nouveau (It’s All The Rage)
05 I’m Heavy Metal, But I Get The Blues Just Like Everyone Else
06 You Smell Excited
07 Pretty With The Lights Off
08 One Match & A Gallon Of Gasoline
09 I Wouldn’t Kick Her Out Of Bed For Eating Crackers
10 Liars Like You Live The Shortest Lives (An Open Letter To Imposters)
11 Put Your Mouth Where The Money Is
12 33 Seconds Of Sanity
13 So Plastic So Pretty (KWDMF Remix) Bonus Track

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