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Swift-The Absolute Uncontrollable CD
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Price: $5.02
After three extremely successful releases for Tribunal Records, SWIFT now returns with the latest installment into their ever-expanding legacy. Oddly enough, we ask everyone to forget all you know or may have ever heard about the band, SWIFT. As their new album, “The Absolute Uncontrollable,” is unlike any SWIFT album you may have ever heard before. Old school “metal” breakdowns, crew-shouts, jaw dropping guitar solos and Gary Forsyth’s volcanic vocal barrage will surely turn every head and convince any skeptic that SWIFT are one of the most overlooked and under-rated bands in underground scene today.

After last year’s release of “A Communication Manual” guitarist/vocalist, Taylor Mabe, was added to the SWIFT line-up. With this new blood pulsing through it’s veins SWIFT decided to “go for broke” and write an album of material that knew no boundaries and pulled from their wide array of influences. They headed into Basement Studios with veteran producer, Jamie King, who delivered yet another dynamically solid sounding affair, as “The Absolute Uncontrollable” is aggressively ferocious and extremely and unabashedly vintage metal, yet maintains a clearly defined melodic modern vocal edge.

Whether it’s the Pantera/Testament influenced “Release The Wolves,” the seven minute epic “Join The Dragon Lord” or the completely acoustic ballad, “…Built Us A House” - SWIFT traverse numerous genres with great ease. Like the aptly titled album suggests, SWIFT are and forever will be absolutely uncontrollable.


01 Charger
02 Release The Wolves
03 Silent Celebration
04 Terms Of Endearment
05 Questions And Lies
06 Respect The Blade
07 When People Collude
08 Bending Back As Far As I Can
09 60 fpc
10 Anticoagulant
11 Join The Dragon Lord
12 …Built As A House

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