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Violent Headache-Singles Collection CD
  Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $9.22
Long awaited collection of 15 years of unholy Spanish hardcore/grind terror!! Trax from the long out of print split records w/ AGATHOCLES, POSITI CAUSTICO, CRIPPLE BASTARDS, INTESTINAL DISEASE, VOMIT YOURSELF, EXCRETED ALIVE, PROYECTO TERROR, CARCASS GRINDER, UNHOLY GRAVE and MY MINDS MINE. As well as unreleased stuff which never were released.


1. Amigo de Razas, Enemigo de Personas
2. Muerte a La Humanidad
3. Recordando a un Bosque
4. Desierto Submarino
5. Los Fuegos del Capitalismo
6. Sacerdocio Ignorante
7. Condemned to Work
8. Indian Friends
9. Smashin' Cores
10. Antes Punk, Ahora Negocio
11. Silent Screams
12. Police Brutality
13. Dios y Su Mentira
14. Pasivamente Humillados
15. Puppets of Today
16. Soy Como Soy
17. En el Nombre de Alah
18. Coward
19. No M.S.I.
20. Armchair Conformist
21. Tjerno Returns
22. Kennel
23. No Difference
24. Skindead
25. P.P./Sucedaneo Fascista
26. Armas Quimicas/Amor de Madre
27. Grunge Clothing/Condemned Childhood
28. Another Protest Song
29. Nuclear Threat
30. Dirty Thieves
31. MC Shit
32. Bored of You
33. Peace Dream
34. Overdose Effects/Skincancer
35. Rock'n'roll Sucks!!!
36. Juan Pablo Mussolinni
37. Asesino Ecologico
38. Mentes de Sex-Shop
39. Humano Gusano
40. Canal Sangriento
41. Intro
42. Dead Love
43. Bacteria
44. Acoustic Godflesh (Vamos a La Feria)
45. From Green to Grey (Intro)
46. Your Grave Is Digged
47. Sciencist Scum
48. Sick Bastard
49. Starvation

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