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Sairaat Mielet-Controversial History CD
  Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $6.70
SAIRAAT MIELET was unabashedly the most hated band in Finland during the late '80s and early '90s. Their outright disdain for their country's addiction to alcohol led them to confront this national problem with some of the most hard line straight edge hardcore ever made. This earned them great animosity from their fellow punks, hence the title of this compendium, now available for the first time on CD anywhere. Let it be known, this is not Boy Scout youth crew drivel or mosh core nausea. This is violent, fast hardcore played with amazing musicianship belted out at lightning speeds (would it be on Six Weeks if it wasn't?) with the most intense screaming vocals ever recorded (no hype, just fact). This CD compiles both of their ultra-rare EPs (both limited to 500 copies) from the early '90s with brand new artwork and liner notes from the band and packages it in an awesome digipak gatefold sleeve.


1 Pilvessa Vaiko Taivaassa
2 Tehovalvonta
3 Rajana Elama
4 Tippa Tappaa
5 Sairautena Tupakka
6 Tasa-Arvoa
7 Onko Vikaa Paassa
8 Torven Juntit
9 Ongelma
10 Punk On Paskaa
11 Puolialkoholistit
12 Viina On Mum Elamani
13 Miksi Linnut Ei Anaa Laula
14 Sorbus-Punk
15 Pimeys
16 A.L.K.O.
17 Pornoteollisuus
18 Straight Edge
19 Rattijuopot
20 Sokeana Pimeassa
21 Shellille Ei

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