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Ramen Days-Bay Area Hardcore DVD
  Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $10.90
THE RAMEN DAYS is a fantastic documentary by filmmaker Melissa Elbirt that tells the story of the recent Bay Area hardcore punk scene: Its trials, tribulations, achievements and its failures all told by the bands and people who have worked so hard to make the Bay Area a viable, self-reliant and vibrant punk scene. The movie follows the lead of one John The Baker, a misfit punk who moved to the Bay Area to open a punk-run recording studio and gig space called Burnt Ramen in the lower slums of Richmond,CA. A place that turned into a combustible clubhouse of punk rock insanity and a breeding ground for relentless punk music, lifelong friendships and an example of what DIY/punk rock can achieve when left to its own devices ,until its closure by the Fire Marshall in 2003 (thanks Great White!). This film contains interviews (and live footage) by those who made it all happen and the bands that erupted out of this enviroment: BORN/DEAD, VOETSEK, DEADFALL, SCURVY DOGS, CASE OF EMERGENCY, STFU, DESOLATION, BLOWN TO BITS, STRUNG UP, EXIT WOUND and BRAINOIL. We feel this is one of the most important punk rock films in 20 years, surpassing past punk films like "Decline Of The Western Civilization" and "Another State Of Mind" in both heart and artistic vision. Using both humor and fierce honesty, Ms. Elbirt has created a film of utmost importance to the hardcore/punk community (local and international) and shows us all what can be achieved when our hearts and minds are captivated and dedicated to the DIY ethics of punk rock.

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