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Voetsek-Castrator CD
  Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $9.22
In a very short time San Francisco's VOETSEK has become one of the best hardcore/thrash bands the United States has to offer! VOETSEK contains members from Bay Area veteran punk bands S.T.F.U., DEADFALL, DAIRY QUEENS and THE DREAD: two gals, two guys and a humorous sarcastic meanstreak sure to level the listener or at least send them into a blissful hardcore coma! Melding the fury of good old hardcore punk with early crossover speed metal, VOETSEK conjures images of a young ACCUSED and comparisons to everything from MUNICIPAL WASTE to CHARLES BRONSON. After a brutal 7" EP on Six Weeks and releases on 625 Thrashcore Recs PLUS two years of relentless touring of the states (with planned excursions to Europe this summer) VOETSEK has established themselves as champs of the thrasher cult! This new full length contains no less than 40 songs of relentless hi-speed hi-jinx in a span of 25 minutes, complete with massive metal riffing, catchy hooks and pounding breakdowns all complimented by the vocal savagery of Ami Lawless on the mic.


1 XFriendX
2 A Is For Anarchy
3 Alice Paul
4 Paybacks A Bitch
5 Gorillas In The Midst
6 Wageslave Twist
7 Shrub
8 Sheep
9 Blank Face
10 If I Can't Read Your Name, I'm Not Gonna Buy Your Record
11 Nazi Fuck Off!
12 Coming Down
13 Welcome To The U.S. Of A.
14 Pay To Play (Suck My Dick)
15 Infection
16 Just Another Jock (Who Secretly Wants To Suck Cock)
17 Home Spun Christian
18 No Drinky
19 Scene King
20 Jesus Crust
21 The Hesher
22 Judas Beast (How Come Nobody Knew Rob Halford Was Gay?)
23 Punk 101
24 Not My...
25 Kind Of Like One
26 Living End
27 ? Media
28 See You In Hell
29 Smoke-Ums
30 Tampons Should Be Free
31 Ringworm Fuck
32 Voetsek
33 Shithouse Poet
34 Recipricate
35 Chaos Days
36 Youth Crue Collective
37 Abuse Cycle
38 Listen
39 I'm Gonna Get You Fucker
40 Thee Butcher

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