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V/A-Disturbing The Peace LP
  Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $9.22
Six Weeks has joined forces with local punk zine Urban Guerrilla to present the finest the Bay Area has to offer in hardcore abrasive punk rock!!! From the all out thrash war of DYSTROPHY to the crushing crust terror of EXIT WOUND this amazing compilation showcases to the world that the Bay Area is one of the most fertile breeding grounds of out right mad punk fury anywhere on the planet!!! The CD version contains bonus tracks from the new faces in the scene as an added dose of adrenalin. This fantastic Bay Area Hardcore punk contains art by Tony Easly & Pyrate Punx Marcus Da Anarchist; featuring BLOWN TO BITS, BORN/DEAD, BRAINOIL, CASE OF EMERGENCY, DEADFALL, DYSTROPHY, EXITWOUND, HATEMAIL KILLERZ, IRON LUNG, SCURVY DOGS, S.T.F.U. & VOETSEK. ALSO INCLUDES DOPPELGANGER, FUNERAL SHOCK & DESOLATION.


Side A
01. Dystrophy (3) Where's The Kids?
02. Dystrophy (3) Kicked In The Teeth
03. Dystrophy (3) No Answers
04. Dystrophy (3) Won't Be Fooled
05. Dystrophy (3) The Price I Pay
06. Deadfall No One Cares What You Have To Say
07. Deadfall Skinhead Starter kit
08. Iron Lung The System
09. Voetsek* They
010. Voetsek* Walk The Plank
011. Hatemail Killerz Don't Cry Cuz We Broke Up / DIY Vomit Is Better
012. Scurvy Dogs Who Shat In The Crisper?!
013. Scurvy Dogs Kiss My Talibuns
014. Case Of Emergency Knight Takes Queen
015. Case Of Emergency What I See

Side B
01. Blown To Bits Axis Of Evil
02. Blown To Bits Santa Sangre
03. Born/Dead Fuck Religion
04. Born/Dead I Can't Deal With It
05. S.T.F.U* Denial
06. S.T.F.U* Support Big Oil, Release More Records
07. S.T.F.U* Muni Bomb
08. Brainoil Altered State
09. Exitwound The Hammer

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