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45 Grave-Pick Your Poison CD
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Price: $9.22
45 GRAVE are widely crediting with inventing the Goth scene with their dark, furious and sometimes blackly funny music, but they were also known for their excellent musicianship. Their song “Partytime” was a bona fide MTV hit after being featured in Return of the Living Dead, the 1986 movie and its soundtrack. The original 45 GRAVE disbanded in 1990 following the death of bassist Rob Graves… Flash forward 15 years – Dinah Cancer decides to reincarnate her legendary band and, after a few fits and starts, 45 GRAVE stabilizes in 2010 with what she feels is undoubtedly the best line-up since the original: O.C. guitar legend Frank Agnew (formerly of THE ADOLESCENTS, TSOL, etc.), bassist Brandden Blackwell and drummer Tom Coyne. ......Pick Your Poison is the first legit 45 GRAVE album with all new material in 25 years. While the new album stays true to the horror punk sound the band is infamous for, there are also songs that show the diversity of sounds and musical styles that have influenced Dinah throughout her life. From start to finish, Pick Your Poison has something that will slay everyone … Enjoy!


1 Pick Your Poison
2 Night Of The Demons
3 Child Of Fear
4 Akira
5 A Desert Dream
6 Lucky 214
7 Highway 666
8 Johnny
9 Sorceress
10 Winds Of Change

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