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Extortion - Sick LP
  Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $10.90
Do you fancy powerful tunes? Do you like violent music? If the answer is YES, therefore you are a powerviolence hound! If so, these lads sure will appeal to you. Australia’s EXTORTION has got the idea of powerviolence pretty good- fast riffs, and even faster beats with a minimum of mid tempo or even slow parts. The only three slow songs are: "Bedridden", "Body Failure" and "Rot" (a teeth grinding instrumental), which are not to be doubted about their fuss and energy. The matter of this very review is EXTORTION’s latest record, named Sick. And some sick album this is. An issue of Deep Six records, this purple vinyl features tracks in the vein of bands such as INFEST, LACK OF INTEREST, CROSSED OUT and NO COMMENT. The album cover is something that catches your attention right away- a suffering little girl with tears of pain in her eyes vomiting black fluid. Quite remarkable. The songs are conceptual and describe the slow and excruciating death of a person infected with the H5N1 virus. Each next song’s lyrics describe a different stage of the illness (Infection… Fever… Medication… Bedridden… Last Breath). What a ferocious idea, eh? So if you’re in the mood for a sweeping whirlwind of angry hardcore- get a hold of this record!


1 H5N1
2 Infection
3 Wake Up Fucked
4 Phone In Sick
5 Overrun
6 Fever
7 Defensive
8 Vomit
9 Medication
10 Delusional
11 Bedridden
12 Losing Battle
13 Body Failure
14 Last Breath
15 Ro

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