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Man is the Bastard- Sum of the Men CD
  Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $10.06
MAN IS THE BASTARD became active in 1990 in Claremont, California. As far as we are concerned with this album, the lineup comprised of Henry Barnes, Joel Connell, Shawn Connell, Aaron Kenyon, and Eric Wood. This band is pretty much a set of musicians using their instruments in very unusual ways to screw with you. The vocals constantly shift from really powerful grunts to inhuman gargle screeches. The bass guitar takes the stand as primary instruments using really thick, crushing chords. Forget what you learned about bouncy slap bass, this is a completely original method of screwing with you. The guitars are not always present and use pretty weird custom configurations that, once again, screw with you with weird loops and swirls that you really could never have heard before. The drums compliment the bass, being as crushing, beating out really good builds to the big bat swing you'll receive when the bass attacks you. Many electronic noises have been added to screw with you even more. If you did not get the picture by now, this ensemble is really going to screw with you.

As mentioned above, the sound is really screwed up, but it is also really crushing. Doom is definitely in there in some way shape or form, though its focus is mainly on scaring the crap out of you. Even the sole comedic song on the album, "I Can Sense Your Cheese", is scary as hell. This CD is a collection of all of the MITB splits, 7", and other hard to find vinyl! Over 30 songs! Very driving and heavy!


1 Freak Machine
2 Prune Belly
3 Skull Crusher
4 Starvation Cage
5 Death's Dirge
6 Tank Killer Voice Denunzio*
7 Thug
8 Bloated Subhumans / Banish The Shitbreed
9 Idget Child
10 Kai Lai
11 Son Of Thug
12 Infibulation
13 Man Is The Bastard
14 She Boar / Our Earth's Blood
15 Man
16 Foreign Children (Iraqi Slaughter)
17 Pigeon Holed
18 Users
19 Remember Thy Creator
20 Priapism
21 Beast God Rape
22 Pig Kingdom Come / A Call For Consciousness
23 Sensory Perception Overload
24 Unilateral Cob
25 Alone With Labor
26 Hempire (The Ruler's Deception)
27 The Roller / Protein
28 Protein
29 I Can Sense Your Cheese
30 Think Tank Killer
31 New Toilets For Tomorrow
32 Think Tank Killer

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