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Man is the Bastard-D.I.Y.C.D. CD
  Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $10.06
Man Is the Bastard were a pioneering hardcore punk band who contributed the name, and perhaps also the ethos, to the punk subgenre known as power violence. Based in Claremont, California, the band existed from 1991 to 1997, releasing many vinyl records on obscure labels from around the world. This CD is a collection of Splits, 7" EPs, and previously unreleased material created for those who can't find the vinyl.


1. Eunuch
2. No Concern For The Inhuman
3. The Arena
4. Refuse To Thrive
5. Existence Decay
6. Secret Sugery
7. Attempt To Damage
8. Smile Trick
9. Telegram Death Threat
10. Once Upon A....
11. Shoes Of Cement
12. Strifetime
13. H.S.M.P.
14. Ether Rag
15. Stocks
16. Blood Gutter
17. Heretics Fork
18. Koro Treatment
19. Justice Is Swift (Jack)
20. Poacher
21. Trapped Within Burning Machinery/Pain Of The Iron
22. Steak Eating Boss
23. Lobotomize A Cop
24. Fine Feathered Friend
25. Scavengers World
26. Regression To Birth
27. Mocha Rebirth
28. Semen In The Eyesocket Of Thomas Lenz
29. Slave To The Bean
30. The Iron Room
31. Incoming
32. Volatile Cocktail
33. Tumult Being
34. Abundance Of Guns
35. Suttee
36. Grasp The Bug
37. Human Condition
38. Mary Jane (The Ultimate Girl)
39. Oil Bomb
40. S.O.I.G.
41. Work To Death
42. Instantly Bent
43. Screwdriver In The Urethra Of Thomas Lenz
44. Snake Apartment
45. Walkers Of The Streets
46. Doll
47. Media Prophet
48. Slay Or Slander
49. Squaw
50. Flying Limbs
51. Tomb Ride
52. Mr. Wilson
53. Lime doom
54. Bonus

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