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Landmine Marathon-Sovereign Descent LP
  Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $13.42
Grinding, grooving, thrashing torment from Phoenix. What these guys (and gal) do is pretty brutal by today's metal measuring stick, but they do it well. To start with, these are some of the most scathing vocals I've heard in a while -- courtesy of frontwoman, Grace. Utterly sharp and black, her screams sound as if each word is meant to tear open an artery. How she does this without going through a case of Chloraseptic, I have no idea. She's definitely the band's biggest asset.. Downtuned guitar churns over double bass, fast beats and blast beats, and the occasional molasses-thick breakdown. LANDMINE MARATHON aren't trying to reinvent the wheel here -- they claim to pay tribute to "the past days of underground metal and hardcore." So imagine your favorite early-Earache or early-Earache-inspired band sans guitar solos and update them with better production, bite-sized songs (LANDMINE MARATHON‘s great irony is the brevity of their album -- not even close to a marathon with 9 songs clocking in under 23 minutes) and the blackest of vocals. It's definitely a worthwhile listen. And I can imagine the live show would blow you to bits.


1. Exist
2. Shadows Fed To Tyrants
3. Foul Revolt
4. Cruel Policy
5. Justify The
6. Steadfast Hate
7. Chained By The Same Fate
8. Flood The Earth
9. Rise With The Tide

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