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Phobia-Cruel LP
  Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $13.42
This was an unmerciful and cruel experience indeed! PHOBIA is back, and they sound sincerely pissed off. It seems the thrash and death metal tendencies are more abundant in their music the more albums they release. Make no mistake, they’re still a grindcore band, but this time it’s closer to a death/grind sound than before with some potent thrash mixed in too. PHOBIA has tightened the bolts considerably with this release. New drummer Danny Walker (ex-UPHILL BATTLE, INTRONAUT) is a ripping, blasting, human machine gun. He gives the band the intense pulse and savage force they need to really bust open some heads.

‘”Cruel” stands out a bit in the rest of PHOBIA’s discography. Some of this albums chemistry may have to do with Scott Hull (PIG DESTROYER, ENEMY SOIL) being behind the mixing board. Everything sounds very pristine and clear for a grindcore album (and a lot of punk and grindcore purists will definitely hate that!) Every instrument can be heard loud and clear, and It's like you can feel the instruments hitting your body and attacking your senses when listening in a closed off environment such as a car. This album 'moves some air'. Scott Hull tweaked this out to massive proportions. This is like grindcore on PCP and/or some other combination of newly synthesized modern drugs that haven't even been named yet


1. Cruel
2. Death To False Punks
3. So Full Of Hate
4. Scientific Fraud
5. Slaying Bastards
6. Get The Fuck Out
7. Drunken Spree Of Violence
8. Your Turn Next
9. Grind
10. Lets Get Pissed
11. Loud Proud And Punk As Fuck
12. Cursed
13. Ignorant Americans
14. Yankee Swine
15. Facist Smash Face
16. Wars With Us
17. Never
18. Kill To Love
19. War Of The Sexes
20. Enemy Of The State
21. Numb

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