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Phobia- Get Up and Kill CD
  Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $10.06
PHOBIA has always been one of Ďthoseí bands. One of those bands that consistently put out killer material over the years but never really seemed to break out of their small niche into a larger market. Well, no real surprises on this one (aside from how short this thing actually is), just straight ahead blasting Grind thatís over before you even realize itís started. Once youíve played a few times youíll realize that you love it though.

This is an oldie by PHOBIA from 2004, released by Deep Six Records. Itís not a full length and I wouldnít call it an EP. It has several studio songs that are complemented with a selection of tracks from a live show they did in Newport Beach, CA. I think that the power of this release is in the live recording. It is easy to sound great and convincing on a studio album, but pulling that of with a live performance is something else. PHOBIA doesnít let us down in this case.

Get Up And Kill is completely in line with anything you would expect from one of the biggest names in Grind history. It is too short to give complete satisfaction, but with PHOBIA blasting out of your speakers at the highest volume I donít there is much to complain. A great production with musically nothing out of the ordinary. Get Up And Kill is 17 tracks including 6 live tracks and was recorded at Shiva Industries


1. Set to Rage
2. Insults of Defeat
3. Extremity of the Will
4. Get Up and Kill
5. Healing of the Wounds
6. Time Will Seize
7. Revolutionary's Hell
8. The Stench
9. His War, Not to an End
10. Violence and Greed
11. Mental Insurrection
12. Your Own Way (live)
13. Vicious Social Order (live)
14. Beer Brake (live)
15. Reconstruct (live)
16. Bush (live)
17. Ailing Addiction (live)

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