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Structure of Lies/Iranach Split CD
  Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $10.06
STRUCTURE OF LIES features members of the now defunct UNRUH and it shows. S.O.L have tapped into the same bone-bruising heaviness that was the mark of UNRUH. They take that heavy crunch in a different direction, however, opting for a (slightly) less dark and foreboding sound and a more blistering and in-your-face sound. The line between extreme hardcore and grindcore is so blurred anymore as to be meaningless but if you are interested in a band that doesn't merely straddle that line, but defines that line, then S.O.L. may be your beating of choice.

IRANACH are less distinctive than S.O.L. and on first inspection struck me as insignificant compared to the power of S.O.L. Upon repeated listens my opinion has done a 180. On the surface IRANACH is just another in a long line of mic-cupping, sewer-growling, CARCASS-influenced, death metal bands. Beyond that first impression, however, they prove to be excellent songwriters who aren't afraid of combining multiple influences in their sound. There is undoubtedly a primary nod to the gore-core sound but there is also an unabashed reliance on melodic, yet heavy, riffing reminiscent more of early ENTOMBED than CARCASS. They also have a complexity and subtle virtuosity that harkens to the classic Florida death era. While certainly not as incomparable as S.O.L., IRANACH are nonetheless top notch.


Structure of Lies
1. Scorched Movement
2. Hearsay
3 Resurrection Encore

4. ... Like The Eyes Of Maharishi
5 Every Word Spoken Is Another Nail In This Coffin
6 Untitled AKA Yay For Things That Fall Apart

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