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Jenny Piccolo/SU19B-Split 7"
  Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $5.86
JENNY PICCOLO is up to its usual with six more crazed hardcore songs. Their blend of fast thrashing hardcore and slow assaulting interludes will decimate everything in their wake. This time around they even do an excellent cover of CHAIN OF STRENGTH'S "True 'Til Death." The one and only JENNY PICCOLO hailed from North California following the break up of MOHINDER (Gravity Records, GSL, Unleaded). The punishing three-piece powerhouse became a prominent part of the West Coast Power Violence scene From the outset JENNY PICCOLO toured non-stop and released a split EP with sister band, THE LOCUST. The band was tagged with the infamous sub-sub-genre better know as West Coast Power Violence, which was coined by MAN IS THE BASTARD a few years prior to JENNY PICCOLO hitting the scene. In a few short years JENNY PICCOLO left us with an LP and a plethora of EPs as well as a slew of compilation tracks.

SU19B these Japanese masterminds play a revolutionary combination of devastating drone/funeral doom in the vein of AHAB or CORRUPTED interspersed with short, rapid outbursts of powerviolence/Japanese hardcore fury. They display one of their influences with a CROSSED OUT cover. Through its five-minute runtime, SU19Bb convey more emotion and substance than any post metal or goregrind band in an hour, a proof of the band's high level of maturity and intellect. In essence, the one-minute microsongs are a lite version of what you always wanted to hear in CORRUPTED's music but never got the time to actually check it out.

The fuzzy, downtuned hardcore riffs perfectly complement the monolithic, crawling funeral sludge riffs that fade just as quickly as they burst into life. The unpredictable nature of the riffs is one of the key elements that make this album enjoyable from start to finish. The album's short duration actually may seem as a huge minus for some people but you can still listen to TRAP THEM when the album's over. The vocalist is intense. His voice is very deep and restrained and although one may have the impression that he's sucking on a giant dick, he actually isn't. The drummer is fairly average (I doubt he even knows how to use triggers) but he knows when to hit the drums and when to let them rest.


Jenny Piccolo
1. Amber Gambler
2. Red Dead
3. Purity Control
4. Highschool Handgun Fever
5. Cyanide Inhaler
6. True 'Til Death

1. Mind Scratch
2. Human Greed
3. Scapegoat (Crossed Out cover)
4. Neglect

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