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V/A -Philadelphia Sound 10"
  Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $8.38
This compilation featured four up-and-coming Philly hardcore bands. Their unique sounds picked up where KID DYNAMITE and LIFETIME left off - somewhere between the hardness of New York's SICK OF IT ALL and the heartfelt urgency of Richmond's AVAIL. THE CURSE was a quartet with a steady hardcore beat, flailing guitars, and honest everyday lyrics. Their stage presence has thrilled auidences up and down the East Coast supporting the likes of THE BOUNCING SOULS, SICK OF IT ALL, and THE DILLENGER FOUR. PAINT IT BLACK features former and current members of LIFETIME, KID DYNAMITE, and GOOD RIDDANCE. Fast and brutal rythms, the likes of early 80's BAD BRAINS, et al; a hint of melody in the guitars like 7 SECONDS, and the lyrics are screaming and political. GO! FOR THE THROAT had the classsic blue-collar hardcore beats and breakdowns that you just can't escape when you're born and bred on the East Coast. They worked hard in life and their art reflected it. KNIVES OUT were the chaotic, heavy, and dark side of the family. A dissonant mix of early BLACK FLAG swirled together with the early 90's San Diego hardcore sound, reminiscent of Ebullition and Gravity Records. Their music may have actually be thougher than their name. Each band carried a unique sound, but their vibe and scene is all about the Philly family. They often played shows together and shareed members with each other as well as other Philly acts. They supported each other and local venues and artists. Philly truely is the city of brotherly love.


01. The Curse - Goonies Never Say Die
02. G!FTT - Good job, Kid
03. Knives Out - Boy Afraid
04. Paint It Black - The Pharmacist
05. The Curse - Old School Or Not You're Still A Dick
06. G!FTT - Not Bad For An Older Brother
07. Knives Out - Anniversary
08. Paint It Black - An Hour And A Half Late For Happy Hour

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