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Blunt Force Trauma- 'Let Them Eat Lead' CD
Blunt Force Trauma- 'Let Them Eat Lead' CD Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $11.98

"ANGRY POLITI-PUNK DIPPED IN SLAYER!!" 12 blistering hardcore/thrash tracks from the ORIGINAL Blunt Force Trauma from Austin, TX. BFT have garnered a reputation worldwide for their pro-liberty, anti-tyranny anthems and take-no-prisoners album themes.Featuring ex-D.R.I. drummer Felix Griffin.

'Let Them Eat Lead'
1. Rise of the Oath Keepers
2. Let Them Eat Lead
3. Break Down
4. Unstoppable
5. Government Lies
6. C.S.R.
7. One More Day
8. Blood
9. Tragedy Vultures
10. Legislate
11. Zips in the Wire
12. The 76'r

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