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Cancerous Growth - "Late For the Grave" LP
Cancerous Growth - Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $11.98
Starting out by playing fast ‘hardcore’ and gradually getting even faster and more thrash as time went on, CANCEROUS GROWTH put out their first LP Late for the Grave on Ax/ction Records, following it up with a second one entitled ‘hmmlmmlum…’ as well as two 7”s (Today’s Society and Live at Last) as well as appearing on We Got Power Part 2 & 3 and Welcome to AX/CTION Island compilations. CANCEROUS GROWTH even attracted the attention of the then newly-formed Nuclear Blast Records who did German versions of CANCEROUS GROWTH’s first two LP’s complete with bonus tracks!

Now, Beer City Skateboards and Records is proud to bring you a limited edition RSD 2015 completely restored and remastered reissue (limited to 1000 copies on translucent gold vinyl) of CANCEROUS GROWTH first full length Late For the Grave LP. After being out of print for nearly 30 years we are bringing back this classic yet humble early- mid 80’s hardcore/Thrash Metal band first album. Not only has the audio been completely restored and remastered, but it also contains a brand new cover with original art work as well a a brand new inner sleeve complete with lyrics and flyers!

1. No Chance
2. Stupid People
3. Decide
4. Be Yourself
5. Number
6. Something I Don’t Need
7. Sick of It (live)
8. The Choice is Yours
9. Revolution
10. What Can You Do?
11. Programmed
12. Do You Believe
13. Over Bored
14. Keep My Peace
15. Had Enough

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