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Loud Ones - "Time To Skate" CD or LP
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Price: $11.98
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CD and LP ( total price $23.96)


“Skate Rock for Skate Rats” is what THE LOUD ONES are about! In 1983, fueled by skateboarding, a general need to party, raise hell, skate and session every ramp in the northwest, soon-to-be-legendary pro skater FRED SMITH and four of his friends would start THE LOUD ONES. The public named them THE LOUD ONES. LOUD ONES was not a band name— it was a reputation!

So with the influence of punk bands they always listened to (SEX PISTOLS, JOHNNY THUNDERS, DEAD KENNEDYS) and one month of practice they would go into the studio and record their first demo. Without knowing it, among with soon-to-be-peers from throughout the US and Canada, they would be creating a whole new genre termed SKATE ROCK!

That demo tape would end up being dubbed a million times and being played at backyard sessions all over the US. Over the next two years THE LOUD ONES would play a ton of keg parties; record another demo; play shows with GANG GREEN, THE FREEZE and THE F.U.S! Eventually FRED would get picked up by Alva Skateboards and the band soon fizzled out.

Then in 2012 a reunion took place and the band re-formed with FRED SMITH, METAL MAN (who was second drummer in ‘85), BOOG, MICHAEL and DKNOW. After one year of playing shows and practicing, THE LOUD ONES would go into the studio to record this full-length CD containing some brand new songs, rerecorded old favorites as well as 13 bonus tracks (LP VERSION DOES NOT CONTAIN BONUS TRACKS). Tracks include the original demos from ‘83 and ‘85 AND live tracks from ‘84. To top it all off, the booklet contains liner notes, band history, photos, lyrics and more. So grab this CD, get out your skateboard and go sesh your favorite spot while blaring THE LOUD ONES!

'Time To Skate
1. Intro
2. Arrested
3. Time To Skate
4. Big Dans
5. Shit Shit Shit
6. Norcon Helmet
7. Fuck Em’
8. Road Rash
9. Ultimate Skate Chick
10. Skateboarding, Chicks & Rock N Roll
11. Indian Dance
12. Pig Party
13. Streets
14. My Dog
15. Skate Death

'1983 demo
16. Arrested
17. Big Dans
18. Fuck Em’
19. My Dog
20. Norcon Helmet
21. Pig Party
22. Streets

'1985 demo
23. Big Dan’s
24. Fuck Em’
25. Norcon Helmet

Live at the Paradise, Boston 1984
26. Ultimate Skate Chick
27. Streets
28. Skateboarding, Chicks & Rock N Roll

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